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Rivendell Warmblood Stud 

Competitive horses bred for temperament, strength & spirit.

Everything in nature is about the cycle of life, which is replicated on a smaller scale at a stud farm. At Rivendell we not only breed warmblood horses, but we produce them, too. Planning the next crop of foals is always as exciting as them being born, because it is the anticipation of waiting to see what your thought processes about pedigrees and combinations have produced. At Rivendell we do not believe in paper breeding, but rather matching our stallions to our mares because we know them all so well. Pedigrees on paper will back up this process, but for us it is not the ultimate and only decision.

This is what my passion is all about. It is easy to lose sight, but one look at foals playing or watching the stallions being brought out of their stables, and it comes back in a flash and realization kicks in; the feeling of being utterly blessed and privileged to be a part of this all. Several factors are instrumental in the success of living one's passion, being expertise, experience, patience and the ability to take criticism and to learn from one's mistakes.

The aim is to breed and produce a horse that is strong in type, sound in mind and body with exceptional temperament and great rideability. A horse that is willing, noble, well-proportioned and correct. This combined should result in a horse with the greatest aptitude for competitive or recreational riding, which leads to happy horses and riders. It is our aim to breed a horse that will ultimately bring a smile to our lips as well as to those sitting on top of it.

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Standing beside the mare in stocks while the vet is scanning, willing and hoping to see that highly-respected black dot on the screen is when it all starts.

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