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Saharan Symphony


Pedigree profile of Saharan Symphony

D.O.B. 29/12/2012 - Sir Oldenburg (Imp Hann) x Acardi (Imp Holst) x Noble Roi xx 

Symphony was bought by Rivendell due to her pedigree that was very different to our usual and not actually the kind of pedigree I go for, as it is not consolidated and goes either way.  However, due to circumstances and gut feelings, the mare has come to us.  The idea is to produce her in dressage to prove herself as a dressage horse and eventually breed from her.  She is by imported frozen semen out of an imported mare.

Symphony is by Sir Oldenburg who was an audience favorite when he passed his inspection as a stallion in Oldenburg in 2000. He was Premium stallion and placed third in the 30-day stallion performance test at Neustadt-Dosse with a rideability score of 9.0 being only 4 weeks under saddle. In 2001 he was the State champion of the three-year old stallions from Oldenburg in Rastede under Heiko Klausing. In 2002 he was reserve champion of the four-year old stallions in Rastede. He won the Bronze medal at the 2002 Bundeschampionate (Nationals) of four-year old stallions at Warendorf. In 2003 he qualified for the Bundeschampionate of 5 year-old dressage horses in Warendorf under Katrin Burger. Sir Oldenburg qualified for the Bundeschampionate (National championships) for the 4th time in 2004. After a second place in the first finals he achieved 12th place in the major final as "best Oldenburg" bred stallion. His movement is spectacular with a lot of mechanic and he shows a lot of scope over a fence. Sir Oldenburg has won dressage tests at M-level with scores of up to 8.8, and has been trained at Prix St Georges level. He has a breeding value index for dressage of 144 points, ranking him amongst the top five percent of the German dressage stallions.

Sir Oldenburg's sire Sion is known in Oldenburg as a highly versatile sire. His highly noble progeny have shown great success in Dressage, Show jumping and eventing as well as being a quality fixture at the Vechta elite auctions. Sion has presented a high number of licensed sons as well as the 1995 Elite mare show winner Viktoria B.

Sion belongs to one of the established dressage progenitors within the Oldenburger breeding and further establishes the line of sire Sultan. Sion is Dutch bred out of the renowned Trichta-line (NL-029). 

Sir Oldenburg’s dam sire, Contender, needs no introduction. He has been at the forefront of breeding in Germany for several years. Contender won his 100 day test in Adelheidsdorf in 1987 and has been highly rated by the German FN for several years in both dressage and jumping statistics.

From the dam side in the third generation, there is again Holsteiner jumping blood via the stallion Tin Rocco (Tin Rod xx - Roman) who is famous for being the sire of the renowned showjumper Let's Go with Roelof Bril. 

The line on the dam's side goes back to the Gelders mare Gunetta II via the Thoroughbred stallion Apollo xx. Gunetta II also enjoys nororiety as the dam of the Oldenburg stallion Grand Slam (Gradios) who was sucessful in dressage.

In January 2010, Sir Oldenburg moved to stand in Sweden.

Symphony’s dam, African Dazzler, was an imported mare by the stallion Acardi, by Accord II.

The Ahorn Z son, Acord II was another stallion discovered by the great stallion master, Maas J. Hell and he stood at the Stal Hell from 1992, standing jointly with the State Stud Celle from 1994 onwards.

Unlike his predecessor from Zangersheide, Athlet Z, Acord II easily won his performance test in 1991, scoring 9.5 to 10 for showjumping, and 9 to 9.67 for rideability. His overall score was 146.04 scoring 138.26 in dressage and 148.47 in jumping.

He went on to the 1992 Bundeschampionate in Verden ridden by Thomas Mohr, where he was reserve champion behind Franke Sloothaak and the Caletto I son, Calero. That year, five sons of the Zangersheide stallion, Ahorn Z (not to be confused with Weipke van der Lageweg’s Ahorn by Nimmerdor) qualified for the Bundeschampionate.

Acord II followed in the distinguished footsteps of his older brother, Acord I, who was an international showjumper in The Netherlands before being sold to the USA. His younger brother, Acord III was the champion stallion in Brazil.

Acord II continued to compete up to Advanced level for winnings of €4,026, however the 2014 Hanoverian Yearbook, records that his progeny have won over a two million euros, with 864 jumpers who have placed in competition, and 173 dressage horses. He has produced 27 jumpers with winnings in excess of €15,000, the most successful of which has been Artur, with the American rider, Aaron Vale, who won €90,459, followed by Annabell with €76,664 and Dobel’s Araconi, with €40,224 but he has five more with winnings in excess of €30,000: Acoretto, Adolfo FRH, Aladin, Armani, Azzuro Classico, Broere VDL Atlantic and Horse Gym’s Aribo.

As of 2014, Acord II had an FN jumping ranking of 136, as against his dressage ranking of 90. The Hanoverian Stallion book for 2014 records that on the basis of mare tests and auction evaluations, he has a dressage score of 73 but a jumping score of 137 – with a negative trot score of 69 and an even worse walk, 55, but a positive canter score of 103.

Acord II is a nice balance: the two stars of the Z book, Almé and Heureka, with the added bonus of Cor de la Bryère through Calypso I and the Thoroughbred Ladkykiller.

Acord II is out of Ribecka, who was a champion mare in Holstein. Mandarin in the fourth line of her pedigree is out of Holle, who was also the grand-dam of Ramiro. Mandarin’s daughter Urbine is the grand-dam of the international jumper and supersire, Burggraaf. On the other side, the line travels to that hugely influential Thoroughbred, Ladykiller, through his son Lancaster, who also carried the blood of the Anglo Arab Ramzes, and was himself a showjumping competitor.

One of the exciting sires in the damline of Symphony is the stallion Lord Calando, who I have a lot of respect for in a pedigree.  The career of this stallion is truly one of the signs of the times. Born and raised in Holstein, Germany, he finished his stud career in France – previously the most chauvinistic of countries when it came to horse breeding.

Lord Calando’s sire needs little introduction – but his dam is something rather special: Perra is also the dam of Carthago, another of the great jumping competitors and sires. Her sire, Calando was himself an international showjumper, with Karsten Huck, and then with the Belgian (later to represent Luxemburg) Edgar-Henri Cuepper – he was also a good sire of jumpers with progeny with earnings of DM500,000 by 1994, and 180 state premium mares.

Lord Calando’s grand-dam, Kerrin was also used as a competition horse for a short time. She was the only registered daughter of Mambo (by the Thoroughbred Marlon) of the famous mare line 730B, which also produced the Caletto brothers. Kerrin shares a dam sire with them – Consul, the sire of the great dressage horse, Granat.

After standing at the famous private stud farm of Maas J. Hell, Lord Calando made his move to France, to the French National Stud. In 2006, he was 47th on the list of the top 100 French stallions with 73 mares. In 2007, he was =55th with 69 mares. His move to France marks also the return to that country of the blood of one of its most famous exports, Cor de la Bryère, Calando’s sire.

Lord Calando is described on the Stud website as: “a handsome and athletic horse, with very good shoulders and haunches.” They consider his strong points to be: “Looks, movement, genetics… His offspring are good looking with great movement. He should be crossed with mares who lack strength, movement, but have balanced temperaments. Because of the amount of blood on his father’s side, he will have a more refining effect.”

Indeed Lord Calando is rich in Thoroughbred blood. Aside from his paternal grand-sire, Ladykiller, there are three crosses of Cottage Son, one of Rantzau, one of Furioso and one of Marlon.

Lord Calando hit the jackpot when he was ‘trial’ bred while awaiting his performance test, and produced his most famous son, Lux Z.

He is also the sire of Fabienne – 1st Final CN Samsung CSIO Madrid with Piet Raymakers; Locando who competed with Marcus Ehning in international Grand Prix, Loradus and Jerry Smits, an international Grand Prix competitor; Nabob who competed in the Nations Cup for Hungary and Rubynea, successful in France at Grand Prix level with Eduard Couperie. He is the sire of Goldkueste, the dam of Chatman, an international Grand Prix jumper with Ludo Phillipaerts, and also sired Joplanda, the dam of Numero Uno.

Pedigree of Saharan Symphony:



Standing beside the mare in stocks while the vet is scanning, willing and hoping to see that highly-respected black dot on the screen is when it all starts.

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